Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dual Flush Toilet - Changing your traditional toilet into dual flush toilet

Toilets actually use 59% more water than showers, 33% more than laundry and, 17 times more than baths, on an average daily basis. More than quarter of the water we use at home is used for flushing the toilet, and that is why we need to pay attention to the dual-flush toilet. Innovative Toilet products as dual flush convertor can quickly and easily turn standard toilets into a water-saving dual flush toilet. It is the revolutionary way to convert the standard North American style toilet into water conserving and money saving flush toilet. One button is for the quick flush setting that uses significantly lower water volumes for liquids and paper. While, the second full flush button uses the normal amount of water for solids. A dual-flush convertor can be installed in quite a less than ten minutes without tools and without having to remove the tank. Therefore, changing your traditional toilet into dual flush toilet is truly worthy.

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  1. Dual flush is a way best way to convert traditional toilets into water saving toilets